the best universities in the MBA branches in Europe

the best universities in the MBA branches in Europe, the average GMAT scores, work experience and expected ….


NSEAD-France and Singapore France 1 704 6
London Business School United Kingdom 2 697 5
IESE Business School Spain 3 672 4
University of Oxford,Said Business School United Kingdom 4 685 6
IMD, International Institute for Management Switzerland 5 670 7
ESADE Spain 6 680 5
SDA Bocconi Italy 7 650 5
IE Instituto de Empresa Business School Spain 8 670 5
HEC School of Management, Paris France 9 682 6
RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands 10 640 6
Cranfield University United Kingdom 11 670 9
University of Cambridge,Judge Business School United Kingdom 12 690 7
University of Warwick United Kingdom 13 610 7
Manchester Business School United Kingdom 14 624 6
ESCP Europe France 15 600 8
ESSEC Business School Paris- Singapore France 16 700 0
Athens University of Economics and Business AUEB Greece 17 656 5
Imperial College Business School United Kingdom 18 651 6
Cass Business School United Kingdom 19 660 7
Politecnico de Milano, MIP Italy 20 620 4
ALBA Graduate Business School Greece 21 600 4
EM LYON France 22 621 8
HEC Lausanne Switzerland 23 600 8
University of St Gallen Switzerland 24 683 6
Stockholm School of Economics Sweden 25 610 6
Copenhagen Business School Denmark 26 600 6
Ashridge United Kingdom 27 620 11
Sciences con- Paris France 28 610 6
Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School Belgium 30 660 6
EDHEC Business School, Lille and Nice France 31 617 8
Lancaster University United Kingdom 32 660 7
Amsterdam Business School Nertherlands 33 630 5
Manheim Business School Germany 34 640 5
Business School, Warsaw University of Technology Poland 35 500 5
Henley School of Management United Kingdom 36 500 13
ESMT Germany 37 650 6
WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management Germany 38 600 4
CEU Business School, Central European University Hungary 39 570 4
Business School Lausanne Switzerland 40 600 3
HHL-Leipzing Graduate School of Management Germany 41 550 5
Trinity MBA, University of Dublin,Tirinity College Ireland 43 610 9
University Carlos III d Madrid Spain 44 500 4
Durham University United Kingdom 45 560 11
Maastricht University Nerherlands 46 500 5
Bradford University School of Management United Kingdom 47 600 5
University of Edinburgh Business School United Kingdom 48 600 7
HSE Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki School of Economics Finland 49 580 8
is in Spain 50 600 5
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management Belgium 51 600 9
University of Bath United Kingdom 52 610 7
European Business School Germany 53 600 5
Aston University United Kingdom 54 620 7
IEDE,Institute for Executive Development Spain 55 550 1
University of Strathclyde United Kingdom 56 550 7
Grenoble Ecolde Management France 57 600 6
Convins University of Budapest Hungary 58 600 10
University of College Dublin Ireland 59 500 8
GISMA Business School Germany 60 620 4

Entrepreneur Common Charateristics

1. Do what you enjoy.
2. Take what you do seriously.
3. Plan everything.
4. Manage money wisely.
5. Ask for the sale.
6. Remember it’s all about the customer.
7. Become a shameless self-promoter
8. Project a positive business image.
9. Get to know your customers.
10. Level the playing field with technology.
11. Build a top-notch business team.

It’s never too late to address bad habits. Here are a few surefire ways to ditch procrastination for good so that everyone (your family, spouse, boss and friends) are much happier

Be realistic with time
This is arguably the toughest for a procrastinator to fix, but you probably don’t realize just how much time a task will take — even if you’ve been having the same commute for years. However, focusing on time and giving yourself an expanding buffer is crucial. For a month, write down exactly how long it takes you to complete each task. You’ll be surprised.

Jeffrey is an entrepreneur in charge of Smarter Security Melbourne, one of melbourne’s largest providers of alarm and CCTV solutions. He thoroughly believes in these ideals.

the best universities in the MBA in the United States branch

the best universities in the MBA branches in the United States, the average GMAT scores, work experience and expected ….

School name Country Degree GMAT Score Work Experience Time
Harvard University United States 1 725 4
University Of Pennsylvania United States 2 72 5
Northwestern University United States 3 700 5
Columbia University United States 4 713 5
Stanford University United States 5 726 4
The University of Chicago,Boot School of Business United States 6 710 5
Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States 7 710 5
Duke University United States 8 700 5
The University of Michigan United States 9 701 5
University of California,Berkeley Haas School of Business United States 10 718 5
New York University United States 11 717 5
University of California, Los Angeles United States 12 712 5
Thenderbird School of Global Management United States 13 610 5
Yale University United States 14 715 5
Darmouth College, Tuck School of Business United States 15 713 5
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan Flagler United States 16 686 5
University of Virginia- Darden Unites States 17 701 4
University of South Carolina United States 18 629 3
Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario Canada 19 673 4
The University of Texas at Austin United States 20 681 5
University of Southern California United States 21 690 5
Boston University United States 22 680 5
Queens School of Business Canada 23 652 5
Emory University United States 24 676 5
Georgetown University, McDonaugh School of Business United States 25 684 5
Indiana University, Bloomington/ Indianapolis United States 26 664 5
Purdeu University,Krannert School of Business United States 27 661 3
HEC Montréal Canada 28 625 7
Cornell University, Johson School of Business United States 29 700 5
University of Toronto,Rotman Canada 30 654 4
University of McGill: Desaultes School of Management Canada 31 670 5
University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business Canada 32 642 6
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign United States 33 640 4
Vanderbilt University United States 34 672 5
Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business Unites States 35 687 5
Babson College Unites States 36 625 5
Georgia Institute of Technology Unites States 37 679 4
University of Minnesota United States 38 683 4
University of Notre Dame United States 39 677 5
University of Alberta Canada 40 608 5
North Carolina State University United States 41 616 4
Washington University in St. Louis United States 42 695 4
College of William and Mary United States 43 613 3
University of California, Davis United States 44 684 4
Case Western Reserve University United States 45 615 3
Texas A&M University United States 46 649 5
University of Calgary Canada 47 604 5
The George Washington University United States 48 640 4
Wake Forest University United States 49 658 4
McMaster University Canada 50 620 3
University of Maryland United States 51 660 5
The Ohio State University United States 52 677 4
Rice University United States 53 668 4
University of Washington, Foster United States 54 688 6
Hult International Business School United States 55 580 6
University of Wisconsin- Madison United States 56 663 5
Tulane University United States 57 660 5
University of Massachusetts Amherst United States 58 587 4
University of Victorşa Faculty of Business Canada 59 578 2
York University Canada 60 660 5
Florida International University United States 61 560 4
University of California, San Diego United States 62 683 5
University of California, Irvine Merage School of Business United States 63 675 5
Boston College United States 64 663 4
Georgia State University United States 65 610 6
University of Pittsburgh United States 66 602 3
Bentley University United States 67 596 3
DePaul University United States 68 625 4
Southern Methodist University, Cox School  of Business Unied States 69 642 4
University of Rochester United States 70 682 4


What is JavaFX?

What is JavaFX?

JavaFX delivering rich media and content makes your web experience more enjoyable. Users can run JavaFX applications in a browser or copy by dragging and dropping to the desktop. JavaFX ErUmdUr an interface always runs smoothly!

JavaFX is powered by Java: JavaFX, allowing developers to use any Java library within a JavaFX application extends the power of Java. This way developers can expand their capabilities in Java and make use of the revolutionary presentation technology that JavaFX provides to build engaging visual experience.

JavaFX’s main features:
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To learn more about JavaFX technology javafx.co I or www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javafx visit the Web site.

Easy Application Development for Android

In the Android application development easier than ever.

There were 3 main things you need at developing applications for Android from scratch aldığımz addressed.

1.Java Development Kit(JDK)

2.Android SDK

3.Eclipse SDK

But easy it can become even software without even knowing it can develop applications on Android to do with the increasing number of developers and companies against android-based software and since every day 400,000 more than the phone to be available on different platforms and applications.

Google, unlike Apple, Android-enabled phone kullandırarak many different brands and are trying to spread out and 400,000 daily new Android phone market in the world.

In fact, based on the proliferation of android based phone next to a topic like this

1. Applications developed for easy sharing and access to information in the social network (facebook, google +, twitter, IM + Messenger, etc. ..)

2 you can store your documents and easy access to media you can edit (2-8GB Dropbox, 5GB Pogoplug, google 2GB Documents, etc …)

3. Can you multitude of 12 different sensors can support HD gaming and play when bored

4. multitude of movies and listen to music you can watch

and it can cause many more can not be considered similar.

Due to the new versions of Android to support different platforms continues to run continuously and thus is of course enhanced user dependency.

Preparing suitable platform for android apps ready to prepare for a different website also continues to attract the attention of people. some of those

Chess History

History of Chess
First I want to start the writing of the history of chess.

B.C. 4000 year to date up to the plate gidn Chess recordings on the pyramid belongs to Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, are the first known document related to chess. Even during the siege of Troy Palamades all know this game, and so the “Wooden Horse” and is known to develop and implement the idea of ​​setting traps (13th century BC).

200 BC ‘ s year to develop the elephant in the north, attacking strategy against Hannibal of Carthage by the Romans are said to apply successfully. However, taking into account climatic conditions that have stemmed from inexperience brought about by the formation of young age along with a high military and chess genius.

Located on the first written documents about chess 4th century AD , the Indian rulers II. The time of Chandragupta and “Chaturanga” has been found in the Sanskrit game. 5th century living in was a gift Shah of Iran Hüsrev chess team and play “Çatrang” began to be called a name close to the name of the name of the aldı.bugün. In the 6th century in the Punjab region of India it took its present form when the norms of the game. The same year, the Arabs had accepted the game with the Arab and Islamic world to invade Iran and the name ” Satranj ” has been amended as. Again chess in this year in China, ” Sat-Ranc is ” is known to be played in its name. In China, Mesopotamia and Anatolia began to be played in a wide area ..

Sl respectively in chess Iran them Arabs, Andalusians thanks also spread to Europe via Spain. After the Arab and European manuscripts, Spanish Lucena’s first printed chess book (1497), chess, then the new rules açıklandı.emev State, chess Spain transport Harun Rashid, France King Charlemagne was started with the gift chess sets.

Church in the 10th century, chess was declared as part of the Islamic culture and play those excommunicated began. Europe into the game Queen (Queen) and King (elephant) were included, located at the top of the game, eliminating the danger of justification and therefore anathema to the part of the Islamic culture. This could fix convincing even the most despotic mindset of chess was another sign of intelligence. Until this time chess is seen as a part of the Islamic world then gained pace towards the European community.

From that time until today, it has not changed the rules of the game of chess. After Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United States and spread rapidly chess in Russia. 15th century Spanish Lucena, 17th century Spanish El Greco, a French Philidor’s chess books in the 18th century.
17.y.y before the first chess machine “Turkey” was invented by Baron Von Kempelen. Philidor was his first plural show by playing with three people simultaneously.
19. Specify the big stars of the chess in the last century: Anderssen, Morphy, and Steinitz Rubinstein. Starting from 1850, it was attended by the strongest players in the tournament. Finally, in 1886, then between the two most powerful chess player, played the first world chess championship match: Steinitz and Zukertort. Steinitz this match, 10 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats (+10 -5 = 5) he won.

The first official world chess champion Wilhelm Steinitz. Steinitz also is the father of the concept of playing chess systematically. The starting point of Steinitz’s theory ” to play chess by the characteristics of the position in accordance with a plan ” is. “Location Features” in the vision and work has been the basis of modern chess game.
after 1998, it began to be considered two separate world championships. One of FIDE (World Chess Federation), organized by the world champion who won the world championship tournament, the other is the world champion of professional chess Union. In 2001, FIDE world champion V. Anand, world champion of professional chess player was V. Kramnik Union. This situation ended in 2006 FIDE World Champion after the match between v.kramnik v.topalov and Classical World Champion and two world titles are combined. Vladimir Kramnik is still “Absolute World Champion” is the title.
World Chess Champion is known that all of the genius-level intelligence. Some of the world champion in science and mathematics were of the leading scientists in the world. Emanuel Lasker was a mathematician and philosopher. Dr. Max Euwe was with a doctorate in mathematics and mathematics teacher did. Mikhail Botvinnik engineer and later became a professor, he has made a valuable scientific work in the computer field.

Referred to as black and white Chess is a game played between two players. Chess is played on a 64-square chessboard. start of the game there are 16 white and 16 black pieces.

When the chess game begins, players make moves in turn. The first game starts the player with the white pieces to have. Select a white stone, and in accordance with this move leads to another square rules of the game. The square in the move played in the game if the opponent’s pieces to get (food) process occurs. Yen stone ejected from the game field. Now not a function of stone removed.

Turkey’s first humanoid robot “SURALP”

Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Mechatronics Engineering Assoc. Dr. Turkey’s first humanoid robot developed by a team under the leadership Kemalettin Erbatur “SURALP” tanıtıldı.doç. Dr. Erbatur, in his speech at the launch of the university’s campus in Tuzla, this type of robots to human, said it was designed to assist in the presence of people.

Chessboard and blocks Tanıyalım

This game is played with chess pieces on the chess board called an area of 8 × 8 per square. A total of 64 square half black and half white is composed of. The Parties shall take black and white stones, it develops a game with each player making a move at a time. The first move of the game makes the white stone is not the amount of time a particular game of chess (indefinitely) the beginning of the game has a stone of 16 white and black. They are a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and consists of eight pawns.

The elephant castle in the middle and at the corners as there are queen and king. The pawns are located in the front row.

When we look at the numerical score

PAWN: 1 point
AT: 3 points
ELEPHANT: 3 points
CASTLE: 5 points
QUEEN: 9 points
SAH: Infinite .. The game ends if you lose 🙂
You can watch the video of the scoring and stone I have prepared about the details.

What is Rock? How to do?

Rock, king of guaranteeing a moment ago and revealed a move in order to throw the castle.

Shah and done with pen. As can be seen for the two Stones made two moves but is considered a breakthrough.

two kinds of rock can be in the game. Short and long castling. It is shown below, respectively.

Mini Rok

Short castling is made to the person close to the castle. Shah is advancing two squares towards the castle. The castle is now subject to the other side of the king.

Shah should not contain any stone citadel.


This movement in the written language OO is written.


long Rock

Shah is done with the remote castle. Shah is advancing two squares towards the castle as short castling. The castle was put immediately to the other side of the king.

a frame remains closer to the long castling king centers.

So with the queen castle (the castle queenside) made the queenside castling is called a long castling.


In the written language OOO it is written.


However, castling can not be done in the following cases

  1. Shah pointed (person) is called,
  2. Shah If you played before,
  3. If you want to use to play before the castle Rock,
  4. If one of the opponent’s pieces holding’s king must pass through a square threatened to rock,
  5. If one of the opponent’s stones keep under control the frame’s king must pass through to rok,
  6. If an opponent standing between stone castle will rock the party,
  7. If one person stands between the castle will be castling with your own stone,

castling in this case , you can not .


OBSERVATION, construction of Turkey’s first indigenous Satellite Launch

From Yasnye launch base in the Orenburg province of Russia, 17.08.2011 Date of the morning with Turkey hours after 10 launch successfully conducted in 12:20, OBSERVATION Satellite sat in the orbit of the separated 689 km above the launch vehicle’s upper stage off Tanzania.

The first contact with Norway satellite, the North Pole, located near and TUBITAK SPACE morning by TUBITAK SPACE employees by the time Turkey on leased ground station 11 was achieved in 44.04, followed by Ankara, the ground station in 11: 51.20 in providing the second contact, the first telemetry from the satellite to be downloaded and started loading software.

Technical information about RASAT to, those experienced in launching the process
can access the link.

video launch
can watch the connection.

OBSERVATION Research Satellite, will have after Turkey and TUBITAK space BilSAT satellite is the second remote sensing satellite. High resolution optical imaging system and developed by Turkish engineers designed OBSERVATION which will be equipped with new module will be the first earth observation satellite designed and manufactured in Turkey.


  • BilSAT Project won in a satellite in orbit last until the commissioning of each stage of the design information and the ability to consolidate,
  • develop systems appropriate to the space environment using the latest technologies and to provide running successfully in space flight history in this system,
  • Turkey to respond to the needs in the field of remote sensing to the maximum extent,
  • ability to identify and maximize the use of space technologies currently used in Turkey,
  • To increase the trained manpower in satellite technology,
  • with critical modules developed to meet the needs of the Turkish aerospace industry,
  • TUBITAK space space for their ability to demonstrate and World Turkey.