Chess History

History of Chess
First I want to start the writing of the history of chess.

B.C. 4000 year to date up to the plate gidn Chess recordings on the pyramid belongs to Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, are the first known document related to chess. Even during the siege of Troy Palamades all know this game, and so the “Wooden Horse” and is known to develop and implement the idea of ​​setting traps (13th century BC).

200 BC ‘ s year to develop the elephant in the north, attacking strategy against Hannibal of Carthage by the Romans are said to apply successfully. However, taking into account climatic conditions that have stemmed from inexperience brought about by the formation of young age along with a high military and chess genius.

Located on the first written documents about chess 4th century AD , the Indian rulers II. The time of Chandragupta and “Chaturanga” has been found in the Sanskrit game. 5th century living in was a gift Shah of Iran Hüsrev chess team and play “Çatrang” began to be called a name close to the name of the name of the aldı.bugün. In the 6th century in the Punjab region of India it took its present form when the norms of the game. The same year, the Arabs had accepted the game with the Arab and Islamic world to invade Iran and the name ” Satranj ” has been amended as. Again chess in this year in China, ” Sat-Ranc is ” is known to be played in its name. In China, Mesopotamia and Anatolia began to be played in a wide area ..

Sl respectively in chess Iran them Arabs, Andalusians thanks also spread to Europe via Spain. After the Arab and European manuscripts, Spanish Lucena’s first printed chess book (1497), chess, then the new rules açıklandı.emev State, chess Spain transport Harun Rashid, France King Charlemagne was started with the gift chess sets.

Church in the 10th century, chess was declared as part of the Islamic culture and play those excommunicated began. Europe into the game Queen (Queen) and King (elephant) were included, located at the top of the game, eliminating the danger of justification and therefore anathema to the part of the Islamic culture. This could fix convincing even the most despotic mindset of chess was another sign of intelligence. Until this time chess is seen as a part of the Islamic world then gained pace towards the European community.

From that time until today, it has not changed the rules of the game of chess. After Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United States and spread rapidly chess in Russia. 15th century Spanish Lucena, 17th century Spanish El Greco, a French Philidor’s chess books in the 18th century.
17.y.y before the first chess machine “Turkey” was invented by Baron Von Kempelen. Philidor was his first plural show by playing with three people simultaneously.
19. Specify the big stars of the chess in the last century: Anderssen, Morphy, and Steinitz Rubinstein. Starting from 1850, it was attended by the strongest players in the tournament. Finally, in 1886, then between the two most powerful chess player, played the first world chess championship match: Steinitz and Zukertort. Steinitz this match, 10 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats (+10 -5 = 5) he won.

The first official world chess champion Wilhelm Steinitz. Steinitz also is the father of the concept of playing chess systematically. The starting point of Steinitz’s theory ” to play chess by the characteristics of the position in accordance with a plan ” is. “Location Features” in the vision and work has been the basis of modern chess game.
after 1998, it began to be considered two separate world championships. One of FIDE (World Chess Federation), organized by the world champion who won the world championship tournament, the other is the world champion of professional chess Union. In 2001, FIDE world champion V. Anand, world champion of professional chess player was V. Kramnik Union. This situation ended in 2006 FIDE World Champion after the match between v.kramnik v.topalov and Classical World Champion and two world titles are combined. Vladimir Kramnik is still “Absolute World Champion” is the title.
World Chess Champion is known that all of the genius-level intelligence. Some of the world champion in science and mathematics were of the leading scientists in the world. Emanuel Lasker was a mathematician and philosopher. Dr. Max Euwe was with a doctorate in mathematics and mathematics teacher did. Mikhail Botvinnik engineer and later became a professor, he has made a valuable scientific work in the computer field.

Referred to as black and white Chess is a game played between two players. Chess is played on a 64-square chessboard. start of the game there are 16 white and 16 black pieces.

When the chess game begins, players make moves in turn. The first game starts the player with the white pieces to have. Select a white stone, and in accordance with this move leads to another square rules of the game. The square in the move played in the game if the opponent’s pieces to get (food) process occurs. Yen stone ejected from the game field. Now not a function of stone removed.