Easy Application Development for Android

In the Android application development easier than ever.

There were 3 main things you need at developing applications for Android from scratch aldığımz addressed.

1.Java Development Kit(JDK)

2.Android SDK

3.Eclipse SDK

But easy it can become even software without even knowing it can develop applications on Android to do with the increasing number of developers and companies against android-based software and since every day 400,000 more than the phone to be available on different platforms and applications.

Google, unlike Apple, Android-enabled phone kullandırarak many different brands and are trying to spread out and 400,000 daily new Android phone market in the world.

In fact, based on the proliferation of android based phone next to a topic like this

1. Applications developed for easy sharing and access to information in the social network (facebook, google +, twitter, IM + Messenger, etc. ..)

2 you can store your documents and easy access to media you can edit (2-8GB Dropbox, 5GB Pogoplug, google 2GB Documents, etc …)

3. Can you multitude of 12 different sensors can support HD gaming and play when bored

4. multitude of movies and listen to music you can watch

and it can cause many more can not be considered similar.

Due to the new versions of Android to support different platforms continues to run continuously and thus is of course enhanced user dependency.

Preparing suitable platform for android apps ready to prepare for a different website also continues to attract the attention of people. some of those