OBSERVATION, construction of Turkey’s first indigenous Satellite Launch

From Yasnye launch base in the Orenburg province of Russia, 17.08.2011 Date of the morning with Turkey hours after 10 launch successfully conducted in 12:20, OBSERVATION Satellite sat in the orbit of the separated 689 km above the launch vehicle’s upper stage off Tanzania.

The first contact with Norway satellite, the North Pole, located near and TUBITAK SPACE morning by TUBITAK SPACE employees by the time Turkey on leased ground station 11 was achieved in 44.04, followed by Ankara, the ground station in 11: 51.20 in providing the second contact, the first telemetry from the satellite to be downloaded and started loading software.

Technical information about RASAT to, those experienced in launching the process
can access the link.

video launch
can watch the connection.

OBSERVATION Research Satellite, will have after Turkey and TUBITAK space BilSAT satellite is the second remote sensing satellite. High resolution optical imaging system and developed by Turkish engineers designed OBSERVATION which will be equipped with new module will be the first earth observation satellite designed and manufactured in Turkey.


  • BilSAT Project won in a satellite in orbit last until the commissioning of each stage of the design information and the ability to consolidate,
  • develop systems appropriate to the space environment using the latest technologies and to provide running successfully in space flight history in this system,
  • Turkey to respond to the needs in the field of remote sensing to the maximum extent,
  • ability to identify and maximize the use of space technologies currently used in Turkey,
  • To increase the trained manpower in satellite technology,
  • with critical modules developed to meet the needs of the Turkish aerospace industry,
  • TUBITAK space space for their ability to demonstrate and World Turkey.