Our free Operating System – PARDUS

PARDUS: Our Turkish Operating System ….

Developed by the Turkish programmer team in completely TUBITAK and national independence, for safety and savings can work on critical applications, open and standard supports a data structure, which is clearly the source code to allow for security screening and free PARDUS an operating system that can be expanded without creating a financial burden software world the most prestigious publications in the Linux Journal’s give the Readers’ Choice Awards (Reader Awards) 2010 in prizes, the top 5 of the three categories

Pardus World League in the first five

Pardus, the free software world, the most prestigious publications in Linux Journal’s given Readers’ Choice Awards (Reader Awards) 2010 in prizes, the top 5 entries in three categories.

The most important representatives of the world of free software in our country Pardus , global original publication of the Linux community, the Linux Journalissued by the Readers’ Choice Awards in has achieved significant success. Pardus awards in three different categories in the top 5 in the input.

Linux Journal readers the best to determine the Readers of the free software world since 1995 ‘Choice Awards 2010 in prize Pardus, “the best product developed with free software,” “Best Linux distribution” and software installation, removal, and the performance of update field “package management system “categories kitty with the original design has managed to get among the top 5 software.

Pardus all well-known and well-established competitors in the world, leaving behind the world’s most important free software community with the success of Linux called attention Pardus project manager talked Tekman said:

“Pardus, benefiting from the opportunities of the free software world continually developed and revised operating system. Pardus 2011 and Corporate 2 to hear the news while preparing to publish versions was exciting for the whole team. Pardus our country as well as all interested in seeing the world. Awards are also a result of this interest so we’re looking at. Readers’ Choice Awards 2010 honors, leaving behind the Linux distribution up to 300 from around the world managed to get among the top five. Thus he moved to shake off first among the world’s oldest and well-known software. Pardus further developing and renewing the open source world in the period ahead will continue to push the limits. ”

16 years in broadcasting continued its life Internet Linux Journal magazine, constitutes one of the most important meeting point for the global Linux community. Linux Journal also ranks among the most clicked on all 15,000 sites in the world.



An important part of a national distribution requirements for 2003, similar applications in the world, the current state of the software industry and the tendencies have been searched. The country’s human resources in the information technology field, has been viewed capabilities and competitiveness of the local software industry. In light of these findings, in the summer of 2003, a national operating system been concluded that a decision over the concrete planning was launched to create a distribution business.

Existing operating systems, including Linux has been viewed primarily open source software methodology and philosophy were studied in detail. Target, beyond creating a distribution, the distribution of the software industry is to establish the organizational structure to sustain, especially in the open source framework have been examined business models that can be used.

Following this review, in the 2003 fall, Linux-based, open source, operating system deployment using the method as it was decided to establish the GPL licensing.

The passage of the Pardus project life began with the creation of the core technical team at the beginning of 2004. Linux history of Turkey at this stage, current and planned deployments, considering the open source and Linux community and initiatives, ways to get the most out of the existing knowledge and experience required. After all take part in the development of national operating system of selecting the most appropriate person in Turkey over TÜBİTAK BİLGEM joined the site.

2004 passed an important part of the evaluation of technical alternatives. Different Linux distributions were examined, and shortcomings in the existing distribution of possible growth areas, needs to be done and were evaluated for their labor and resource requirements. Who would brainstorm on the target audience, alternatives were identified as a result of the road map.

In October 2004, resulted in the technical assessment and project objectives published by the Articles of Incorporation was determined the method and timetable. Pardus “information literacy with computer users that target the basic desktop needs” to be an operating system, “the above concept of existing Linux distributions to use as architecture or code”, but “that can be converted to an autonomous system configuration framework and tools to install, providing ease of configuration and use the “the decision was made.

Pardus technical target and method of determining the project and began to advance rapidly on February 1, 2005 1.0 Live CD was released first product. Linux community and aims to inform users about the objectives and technical approach to the Live CD Project has attracted more than expected. After concentrated on developing more specific innovation projects and finally in December 26, 2005, which was published Pardus Pardus version 1.0 can be installed on the Web first.


Introduction to Android Programming

Before you start Android programming primarily patch is worth noting some of the steps to be done.

First, have your benefits program easy to write and install ECLIPSE to use a good IDE, otherwise you will need to use a console. To download ECLIPSE Click
You must download and install the Android SDK library. Each library supports the lower Update library indexing said a şartyok round :(. The mobile phone or tablet you use or support that the phone uses to know the android operating system version and need to make up downloads by him. I said the installation steps below.
Eclipse ADT Plugin Yükleme
necessary for the operation of code you create an AVD (Android Virtual Device so Android Virtual Devices), you must create. Buda will be described later.
You must create the interface you create the project.
🙂 nice to run some of the project

1. Eclipse IDE’si Yüklemek

As a programmer, developer, and you use the language you use is always important. Because they use the same language people also do not want to change, though platforms. A NetBeans user is not in favor of using Eclipse. Because a lot of features integrated with Android programming Eclipse Eclipse is using most of the Android developer.

To install Eclipse http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ to www.intel. ECLIPSE But like many other open source project you need to know there are also installation that includes different features. I think the comparison chart below will be sufficient for you.