What is Rock? How to do?

Rock, king of guaranteeing a moment ago and revealed a move in order to throw the castle.

Shah and done with pen. As can be seen for the two Stones made two moves but is considered a breakthrough.

two kinds of rock can be in the game. Short and long castling. It is shown below, respectively.

Mini Rok

Short castling is made to the person close to the castle. Shah is advancing two squares towards the castle. The castle is now subject to the other side of the king.

Shah should not contain any stone citadel.


This movement in the written language OO is written.


long Rock

Shah is done with the remote castle. Shah is advancing two squares towards the castle as short castling. The castle was put immediately to the other side of the king.

a frame remains closer to the long castling king centers.

So with the queen castle (the castle queenside) made the queenside castling is called a long castling.


In the written language OOO it is written.


However, castling can not be done in the following cases

  1. Shah pointed (person) is called,
  2. Shah If you played before,
  3. If you want to use to play before the castle Rock,
  4. If one of the opponent’s pieces holding’s king must pass through a square threatened to rock,
  5. If one of the opponent’s stones keep under control the frame’s king must pass through to rok,
  6. If an opponent standing between stone castle will rock the party,
  7. If one person stands between the castle will be castling with your own stone,

castling in this case , you can not .